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Hello, my name is Steve Williams, and I am a  father of 3 sons and 2 daughters. As a former NCSU graduate, NCAA All-American Wrestler and 2X Olympic Trial Competitor, I understand the value of hard work, self-discipline and the benefits of developing these areas. There are many “fitness options” available but what makes ours unique is that we are designed specifically to make fitness fun for all ages.

Kids Aren't Bad...


Over the past 20+ years of coaching wrestling and working with youth through ministry, I have discovered a few things: "1) Kids aren’t ‘bad’ but sometimes behave 'badly’ when there is limited direction or opportunities for expression. 2) There needs to be a balance of discipline and fun during instruction; too much of either becomes counterproductive. 3) The younger they begin with clearly defined goals, the sooner positive results can occur. I have also learned that when confidence and self-control are combined, the potential for bullying or being bullied is dramatically reduced.

There Needs To Be Balance...


At Team Williams, we provide an environment where positive role models train these future leaders to respond accordingly to any challenge. The physical and mental contests allow these young warriors to express their energy in productive ways. With technical training, self-discipline and character development, your child will be transformed into a young person of integrity. Our camps, clinics and classes help to establish an incredible foundation for excelling in life.

Start Early...


So please take a moment to explore the rest of our website and discover the best option for your family. We look forward to partnering with you and other parents who understand that this type of investment for your child can help them develop the tools they need for success!

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