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TW Registration Form


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***Submitting this form means you have read and accept the waiver/medical form below. ***

Feel free to print and complete for your own records.

Your information has been submitted. If you don't receive a confirmation email within 24 hour please contact us.

WAIVER: I, the undersigned, parent/guardian of the athlete named
below, understand that participating in any activities at TEAM
WILLIAMS, DBA, or any other affiliated events with TW, comes with
certain degree of risk of injuries to the athlete. I agree to assume all
risk and hereby release TEAM WILLIAMS and any other affiliated
company including but not limited to its, owners, employers,
employees, or volunteers from any and all liabilities. I understand that
all medical expenses are sole responsibility of the athlete or the
athlete’s family. TW expects all athletes to carry their own medical
insurance, which is not provided by TEAM WILLIAMS.

PHOTOS/VIDEO: I also give permission to TEAM WILLIAMS and
any other affiliated approved third parties the right to film,
photograph, alter photographs or videotape the athletes. I give TW
all rights to use any videotapes, photographs, and/or publications of
the athlete in any promotional usage and/or any other means, without

I hereby authorize and give consent to any approved staff members
of TEAM WILLIAMS(TW), to take whatever action necessary for any
medical treatment, when parent/guardian cannot be reached. I
understand that by submitting this form that TW is not liable for any
injuries incurred during competitions, practices, classes, events, and/
or anywhere upon the premises of TW or the host facility. I have disclosed

all medical or physical information on the athlete mentioned above. I

certify that the named individual is physically capable and able to fulfill their
requirements needed to be a participant at a TEAM WILLIAMS function.


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